Adobe Acrobat Web Users Can Now Merge or Split PDFs With New Tools

Adobe Acrobat Web has been updated to add multiple useful tools for PDFs. Users can now use Acrobat on the Web to add passwords to PDFs, merge multiple PDFs into a single file, and split a single PDF into multiple files. Until now, these features were only available on the desktop app; they are now available directly on Acrobat Web. Users can also use specific PDF tools such as editing text and images with an Acrobat subscription.Announcing the new tools via a blog post, Adobe said that actions such as converting files into PDFs, e-signing, or compressing, should be free and easy to do. Acrobat Web's new tools will let users tackle various PDF tasks through the browser itself, without the need for a desktop software or app.With Acrobat Web, users can add password protection to a PDF, spl

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