How Chennai, Among World’s Wettest Cities, Ran Out of Water

Residents fill pots on July 4, 2019, when Chennai became one of first major cities in world to run dry.Climate change is bringing rising sea levels and increased flooding to some cities around the world and drought and water shortages to others. For the 11 million inhabitants of Chennai, it's both.India's sixth-largest city gets an average of about 1,400mm (55 inches) of rainfall a year, more than twice the amount that falls on London and almost four times the level of Los Angeles. Yet in 2019 it hit the headlines for being one of the first major cities in the world to run out of water-trucking in 10 million liters a day to hydrate its population. This year, it had the wettest January in decades.Water tank operators refill vehicles at a government-run station in Chennai on July 4, 2019,

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